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Deaf School For Liberia


Imagine your world without sound. Deaf children in developing countries often find themselves isolated and struggling to make a living. A missionary who teaches the deaf is giving hope to Liberia’s children. Reed Galin has more.


(Locator: Monrovia, Liberia)

David Worlobah (War loo buh) is teaching the deaf. This is the first formal education these students have ever had.

In Liberia, where needs are many, teaching the deaf is a low priority.  But David focused on this when he was assigned as a United Methodist missionary in Monrovia.

David Worlobah/United Methodist Missionary: “These are people who want to develop and give their hope, to develop some hope for the deaf.”

He scoured the neighborhood around the church headquarters, and quickly found a dozen young people who had never been to school before.

One of those was 21-year-old Neeko Dawasa, who was shining shoes on the street in front of David’s classroom. Neeko spends part of his day earning money to support himself and his brother, and part of it learning from David.

Before meeting David, Neeko didn’t even know how to make change. In a year’s time, he has learned that, and more.

Neeko Dawasa/Deaf Student: “School is good because I learn communication. I learned signs.”

David says his students must have the ability to communicate. He is already worried about what will happen to this program after his mission ends. In the meantime, he continues to teach and make a difference to those who might otherwise be forgotten.


The program, called Hope for the Deaf, serves many people who have been displaced due to the recent civil war in Liberia. There are also refugees from neighboring countries, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. It is estimated that about 20% of these people are hearing impaired.

Hope for the Deaf receives funding from the United Methodist church. You can donate by contacting the Advance for Christ.  

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