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Mothers Against Meth


Small towns used to be immune to the social ills that are so often a part of big city life. Five years ago, most of the residents of one Alabama town hadn't even heard of the illegal drug that now plagues its people and earned it the title “meth mountain.” When Dr. Mary Holley lost a family member to meth, she decided to help cure her community.  Kim Riemland (REEM land) reports.

(Locator: Morgan City, Ala.)

Dr. Mary Holley/Mothers Against Methamphetamine: “My brother was 22 when he got hooked on crystal, and he was 24 when it killed him.  It made him insane.  It made him crazy.  And he ultimately committed suicide.”

After her brother’s death, Dr. Mary Holley became a one-woman warrior…making house calls to combat a scourge that is consuming this small mountain town in north Alabama.

Dr. Mary Holley/Mothers Against Methamphetamine: “This is the kind of community where methamphetamine takes off like a fire.”

The drug problem is so severe in Morgan City – population 700 – it’s referred to as “meth mountain.”

Dr. Mary Holley/Mothers Against Methamphetamine: “We have a lot of poor people here.  They typically have to work two jobs to keep their house paid for.  And when you have to work two jobs, you’ve got to take something to keep your energy level up.”

This former obstetrician believes drug education is her calling.  A devout United Methodist, Holley founded the faith-based organization “Mothers Against Methamphetamine” to keep others from going down the same road as her brother.

Dr. Mary Holley/Mothers Against Methamphetamine: “This is an area right here, with all these little trailer houses, that is just rank with methamphetamine. And this is the fairly upper middle class area of town, and you wouldn’t expect to find methamphetamine in a place like this, but a house just like one of those blew up a few weeks ago. The people in neighborhoods like this need spiritual nurture and spiritual guidance to get out of a methamphetamine habit.”

Dr. Holley takes her message to churches and groups willing to take a stand against drugs.

Olivia Smith/Seminar Participant : “I think it’s good to do it in a church environment because everyone is so comfortable with each other. “

Dr. Mary Holley/Mothers Against Methamphetamine: “I used to be able to heal one person at a time.  Now I can walk into an auditorium and work little miracles all over the room.”


The power of methamphetamine is incredible, with users suffering irreversible brain damage after the first exposure. The part of the brain that manages self-control is lost for good. Dr. Holley speaks to hundreds of groups each year and estimates that typically 10 percent of the people in her audiences are addicted to methamphetamine.

For more information, log onto or call 1-866-293-8901.

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