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By Chuck Russell

Baptism of New Believers

Baptism of New Believers

As the Body of Christ, we are called to carry on Jesus' mission to seek and save the lost.  This great commission, given to us by Christ himself, lies at the heart of who we are as disciples.  The question is how can we engage our digital culture with God's timeless message?

We have collected a host of web evangelism resources including: church websites using the medium to promote evangelism, instructional web evangelism guides, examples of evangelistic sermons, and evangelism related websites.  These resources help to cast a clear vision for how the web can be used to further our great commission. 

We are aware that the great hope of humanity is the salvation which can only come from a living relationship with our risen Lord and Savior. This is the message we carry into the world, and though it has not changed in 5,000 years of recorded history, the mediums through which it is transmitted are constantly evolving. 

Today we find ourselves in a digital culture.  Surrounded by cell phones, pda's, ATM machines, personal computers, and hundreds of other electronic innovations, our senses are often overloaded by the sheer scope of information available to be processed. 

We must engage the communications mediums of the day, learn to use them effectively, and develop strategic approaches to sharing our faith with the world

So how does the church begin to speak into this crowded environment?  Just as in previous era's we must engage the communications mediums of the day, learn to use them effectively, and develop strategic approaches to sharing our faith with the world. 

Much progress has been made in this regard in worship.  Innovative churches are coming to understand that communicating with today's media savvy youth and young adults, requires worship experiences which incorporate video, contemporary music, and interactivity.  These services are in and of themselves evangelistic in nature.  The ability for youth and young adults to connect with the message is greatly enhanced by creating an environment they understand and relate to.

Ministering on the web is simply an extension of this movement within the church.  It is paradigmatic that young adults and a rapidly growing segment of the older adult population get most of their information from the internet.  News, sports, shopping, entertainment, are all consumed online.  Television Networks have scrambled to keep ever declining youth audiences, as their medium of choice shifts to the web.  For the church, failure to engage will leave the medium to the forces of evil. 


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