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Dealing With Dementia
An estimated 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. Most are being cared for by family but statistics show that caregivers can become burned out after only a few years of the near-constant attention required.  Bethany United Methodist Church in Austin offers a special program to help families keep their loved ones at home longer.   
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Summer Camp  For Seniors
If you think summer camp has an age limit, think again. At the Willowbrook United Methodist Church in Sun City, Arizona, the average camper is probably over age 60, and the activities include a human bingo game and lessons from "The Lucy Show." The goal is to help folks of any age stay happy – and healthy.   
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All-terrain Wheelchairs
In developing countries, when the ability to walk is lost, it often results in a loss of dignity and independence. But, thanks to the support of local United Methodist churches, a group of seniors in Texas is building personal energy transportation vehicles (PETs) to restore mobility and self-reliance to the physically challenged.
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Grandparents Camp
Research says that in the last 10 years, the number of children living with their grandparents has increased by 50 percent. Raising kids after retirement age has its challenges. That inspired leaders at Buchanon First Methodist Church in Michigan to create a retreat, just for grands and kids, to have fun.
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Reconnecting Koreans
In this age of cell phones and email, it’s hard to imagine being unable to reach a loved one. But North Korea’s borders have been closed to communication with much of the outside world since the Korean War more than five decades ago. Christ United Methodist Korean Church of Honolulu is hoping to change that, for the sake of families still torn apart.
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Pets For Elderly People
Studies have shown that pets can help their owners live longer. And they certainly can provide companionship to those who are lonely. A veterinarian who attends Jubilee Shores United Methodist Church in Alabama, decided to match pets that need a home with people who need a friend. Her church family helps keep the program going.
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Katrina Elder Volunteer
When 18 members of First United Methodist Church in Guntersville, Alabama headed to Mississippi to help hurricane survivors, one person on their team was 85-year-old Aubrey Smith.  Smith, a former NASA engineer, said he wanted to do “something worthwhile.”
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