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School Day Giveaway


Armed with freshly sharpened pencils, children all over the nation are filing into their classrooms for the new school year. But, many families can’t even afford basic school supplies. As Reed Galin reports, one Florida grandmother is turning an unfulfilled promise into a gift for these children.


(Locator: Sarasota, FL)

Mary Bradley Weeks:  “What do you need?”

It’s that time again, as kids scurry for school supplies. At the center of it all is Mary Bradley Weeks, a lifelong student of music but a master at the art of giving.

Mary Bradley Weeks/Donates school supplies: “We need scissors. Oh, here are some.”

For the past four years, Weeks has filled North United Methodist Church in Sarasota with everything a child needs on the first day of school.

Mary Bradley Weeks:  “It’s embarrassing for a student to go to school and don’t have the necessary tools they need – pencils, papers, ink pens.”

Weeks writes to companies and asks for donations. She started the school supplies drive because of her love for her own great grandson.

Mary Bradley Weeks:  “I made a promise that I would teach him how to read and write before he entered school.”

Weeks never got the chance to keep that promise.  2-year-old Adrian was hit by a car and killed.  She turned her grief into gifts for a thousand needy students.

Cabrina Adams doesn’t know how she’d buy supplies for her three children without the generosity of Mary Bradley Weeks.

Cabrina Adams/Parent:  “Probably borrow or layaway maybe.  But I’m so thankful. I’m so thankful and I’m always appreciative.”

Little Adrian never had a first day at school, but his great grandmother is making sure other kids get the start they need.

Mary Bradley Weeks:  “We’ve been cleaned out.  But it’s a good cleanout!”


She started a nonprofit organization called the Mary Bradley Weeks Education Project.  Weeks got about 50 sponsors to donate supplies and money for the giveaway.  For more information you can contact her church, North United Methodist Church in Sarasota.

Also, read more about this grandmother’s gift at: United Methodist provides school supplies to needy students.

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