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Bickerton, Bishop Thomas J.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - Pittsburgh
Bledsoe, Bishop W. Earl: South Central Jurisdiction - Northwest Texas-New Mexico
Brown, Bishop Warner H., Jr: Western Jurisdiction - San Francisco
Carcano, Bishop Minerva G.: Western Jurisdiction - Los Angeles
Carter, Bishop Kenneth H., Jr.: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Florida
Cho, Bishop Young Jin: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Richmond
Coyner, Bishop Michael J.: North Central Jurisdiction - Indiana
Davis, Bishop Lindsey : Southeastern Jurisdiction - Louisville
Devadhar, Bishop Sudarshana : Northeastern Jurisdiction - Boston
Dorff, Bishop James E.: South Central Jurisdiction - San Antonio
Dyck, Bishop Sally : North Central Jurisdiction - Chicago
Goodpaster, Bishop Larry M.: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Charlotte
Hagiya, Bishop Grant J.: Western Jurisdiction - Greater Northwest
Harvey, Bishop Cynthia Fierro: South Central Jurisdiction - Louisiana
Hayes, Bishop Robert E., Jr: South Central Jurisdiction - Oklahoma
Holston, Bishop L. Jonathan: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Columbia
Hopkins, Bishop John L.: North Central Jurisdiction - Ohio East
Hoshibata, Bishop Robert T.: Western Jurisdiction - Phoenix
Huie, Bishop Janice Riggle: South Central Jurisdiction - Houston
Irons, Bishop Neil L.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - New York
Johnson, Bishop Peggy A.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - Philadelphia
Jones, Bishop Scott J.: South Central Jurisdiction - Great Plains
Jung, Bishop Hee-Soo : North Central Jurisdiction - Wisconsin
Keaton, Bishop Jonathan D.: North Central Jurisdiction - Illinois
Kiesey, Bishop Deborah L.: North Central Jurisdiction - Michigan
King, Bishop James R., Jr: Southeastern Jurisdiction - South Georgia
Leeland, Bishop Paul L.: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Alabama-West Florida
Lowry, Bishop John Michael: South Central Jurisdiction - Fort Worth
Matthews, Bishop Marcus : Northeastern Jurisdiction - Washington
McAlilly, Bishop William T.: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Nashville
McKee, Bishop L. Michael: South Central Jurisdiction - Dallas
Mueller, Bishop Gary E.: South Central Jurisdiction - Arkansas
Ough, Bishop Bruce R.: North Central Jurisdiction - Dakotas-Minnesota
Palmer, Bishop Gregory V.: North Central Jurisdiction - Ohio West
Park, Bishop Jeremiah J.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - Harrisburg
Schnase, Bishop Robert C.: South Central Jurisdiction - Missouri
Schol, Bishop John R.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - New Jersey
Stanovsky, Bishop Elaine J W: Western Jurisdiction - Mountain Sky
Steiner Ball, Bishop Sandra L.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - West Virginia
Swanson, Bishop James E., Sr.: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Mississippi
Taylor, Bishop Mary Virginia: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Holston
Trimble, Bishop Julius C.: North Central Jurisdiction - Iowa
Wallace-Padgett, Bishop Debra K.: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Birmingham
Ward, Bishop Hope Morgan: Southeastern Jurisdiction - Raleigh
Watson, Bishop B. Michael: Southeastern Jurisdiction - North Georgia
Webb, Bishop Mark J.: Northeastern Jurisdiction - Upper New York Episcopal Area

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